Current State of the Opioid Epidemic 2018
Because opioid addiction is a national crisis with increasing numbers many patients enter the hospital system with addiction challenges.  APP staff needs to be aware of new medications patients might be on for opioid addiction treatment as well as resources for the patient who requires opioid addiction treatment.   Historically patient care standards stressed assessing every patient for pain with the assumption that their pain was “whatever the patient said it was” and prescription pain medication was provided and dosed based on patient’s response in their verbalization of a pain score.  Now, as outlined above in letter d, there is an initiative to change pain assessment, provide interventions beyond the use of medication and focus on new prescribing guidelines for providers.  By introducing APP staff to these new standards as well as community resources and by sharing our collective experiences will enable all staff to provide improved patient care.***Registration Starts 12:00 PM***
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  • Narcotic Antagonists
  • Opiate Substitution Treatment
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Event date June 20, 2018