As the Activity Director of a CE Activity, I agree to fulfill these requirements:
  1. Read the MCW CE policies as posted on MS OneNote and/or the CE Coordinators Corner within EthosCE®.
  2. Make full disclosure of financial relationships with industry to the Office of Continuing Professional Development and update information should financial relationship(s) change.
  3. Complete the Continuing Education application or RSS renewal form.
  4. Ensure the content of activity is true, scientifically accurate, fair, balanced, and free of commercial bias.
  5. Ensure the content is compliant with applicable HIPAA, FERPA, and copyright laws.
  6. Mitigate conflicts of interests of those who are in control of content for this accredited CE activity.
  7. Collaborate with my CE Coordinator to ensure this CE Activity is compliant with accreditation criteria and policies.
For CE Activities that include MOC credit, I agree to:
  1. Ensure the CE Activity includes an evaluation that is designed to assess changes in learners’ competence, performance or the impact on patient outcomes.
  2. Inform learners about what they need to do to earn MOC credit, including participation in the evaluation component. This is sometimes referred to as a “participation threshold.”
  3. Provide feedback to the learner about their engagement with the activity, and whether the learner met the requirements to earn MOC credit for the activity.

  • I have read and agree to fulfill the requirements as stated above.
  • I understand the requirements stated above are the minimum requirements and that I may be asked to complete additional tasks as needed to ensure compliance with various CE accrediting body standards. 
  • I further agree to ensure compliance with accreditation criteria and Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education.
  • I understand that failure to meet the accreditation requirements may result in the revocation of CE accreditation for this activity.
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I am partnering with the following person who is the lead administrative point of contact (CE Coordinator)