All continuing education activities must follow the all accreditation criteria, standards for commercial support and accreditation policies. The documents requested in this agreement are required by the various accreditation bodies in order for MCW to provide continuing education. Failure to meet the accreditation requirements will result in loss of accreditation for your CE activity and puts MCW’s accreditation status in jeopardy. As a condition of being the CE Coordinator of an accredited CE activity, you agree to fulfill these requirements in a timely manner:

  1. Read the MCW CE Policy Compendium (
  2. Create and manage all assigned continuing education activities including, evaluations, assessments, and entering data into all necessary fields within EthosCE®
  3. Facilitate financial disclosure process for all persons in control of content
  4. Ensure correct accreditation language and formatting on all promotional material used to advertise the continuing education activity including EthosCE®, social media, websites and print materials
  5. Retain a comprehensive continuing education activity file, which includes complete data for each continuing education activity in EthosCE® and a paper file copy for a minimum of six years from the activity date
  6. Submit all income and expenses associated with the continuing education activity within 90 days of the continuing education activity
  7. Track and manage attendance data in EthosCE.
  8. Participate in a debriefing session with Office of Continuing Professional Development staff

MCW agrees to provide Continuing Medical Education (CME) accreditation for participants of this CME activity.  MCW reserves the right to revoke credit should non-compliance with accreditation policies and/or Standards for Commercial Support occur. If errors in the conduct of the meeting for CME purposes require communication with the attendees about changing the amount of credit they earned or other issues, the cost of the communication will be borne by your department/division/center/institute, which will also confirm that all attendees were notified.

I have read and agree to submit all materials and fees to the MCW Office of Continuing Professional Development by the deadlines.  I further agree to ensure compliance with accreditation criteria and Standards for Commercial Support. Finally, I understand that failure to meet the accreditation requirements may result in the revocation of CE accreditation for this activity.

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