The course is designed for clinicians (physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners, pharmacists, psychologists, dieticians, and social workers) who wish to provide better care for their geriatric patients. It also seeks to prepare providers who are planning to become board-certified in geriatric medicine or a related geriatric qualification to take the certification exam.

Given that the ratio of primary care physicians to board certified geriatricians is approximately 30:1, the odds that an older adult will be seen by someone without specialized training in geriatrics is very high. Furthermore, many studies support that geriatric syndromes are frequently underrecognized or are not managed at the level of published quality standards. This course seeks to provide participants with knowledge and skills needed to improve their care for geriatric patients.

The goal of the course is to increase provider exposure to the principles of geriatric medicine. It may also increase the number of board-certified geriatricians or other geriatrics clinicians (e.g. geriatrics pharmacists) if participants sit for and pass the certification exam.