Special Session 107

Sandra Burge, PhD, Julie Rickert, PsyD

This is designated a Zoom-Fatigue-Busting Session.  We encourage participants to “unplug” from computers and tune in with a device that allows for walking, yoga or relaxing.  There will be no visuals.  You can submit questions and comments via the chat function and we will respond at the end. COVID-19 has interrupted everyone’s lives.  In the healthcare workplace, rules and procedures change daily. Resources have decreased. Clinical responsibilities have increased. Teaching has become more complicated. Research is interrupted. Research staff are at home. Colleagues, residents, patients are … where? … not in their usual places.  In this context, how do faculty members keep their scholarship alive?  In this interview with Sandra Burge, we will explore the challenges of research and scholarship in family medicine in the time of COVID-19. Dr. Burge will pose alternatives to traditional scholarship and detours for interrupted projects. In this chaos, much emerges that is experimental and creative; these ideas are ripe for development and sharing with colleagues. Dr Burge will encourage us to use this time to observe, document, read, and write.  She will share lessons-learned about writing over 30 + years of scholarship.

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