Ethics / Lecture Discussion 206

Limor Gildenblatt, PhD, LCSW, Carlie Nikel, PsyD

Relationships between residents and faculty members have the potential to experience blurred boundaries.  One such area is about whether or not residents and faculty members should be connected on social media.  Should faculty members follow their residents on Instagram and let residents follow them?  Is it OK for faculty to accept Facebook friend requests?  What are the pros and cons of having this additional connection to our residents?  While these decisions are not black and white, this talk will discuss ethical guidelines and other professional considerations that can help guide these decisions.  The presenters will share personal stories from their residencies and how they handled specific cases in the past.  Suggestions on how to educate residents about this topic will be provided.  Audience members will also be encouraged to share relevant experiences from their own residencies.        

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