Workshop 208

Richard Feldman, MD

The required ACGME professionalism competency is extremely important for the development of the resident in training. Professionalism enhances patient care, relationships with patients and colleagues, and meeting the responsibilities of the medical profession.  Teaching professionalism is difficult for residencies to effectively accomplish and there is a lack of educational tools. This professionalism curriculum is based on the book, Family Practice Stories, an oral history of family medicine.  It is a large collection of stories and essays told by 48  family doctors practicing in the mid-20th century. Each story reveals much about their style of practice and their demonstrated professionalism and values. These doctors of that Greatest Generation, possessed the character, core values, and principles from which our contemporary specialty of family medicine grew and emulates today.  The book was a project of the Indiana Academy of Family Physicians Foundation and was supported by the AAFP Foundation.  All royalties from the book benefit the IAFP Foundation. Residency programs have utilized this book as a tool in teaching professionalism and ethics and has been placed in the STFM/AFMRD Residency Curriculum Resource. The workshop will provide the description of the book and its development as well as  the description of the accompanying study guide and its use for the longitudinal teaching of professionalism through group discussion.  The participants will engage in reading and discussion of a number of stories utilizing the questions for each story contained in the study guide just as would take place in the residency program.  

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