Lecture Discussion 309  

John Hayes, DO, Bryan Johnston, MD, Seth Bodden, MD, Elizabeth Wayne, MD  

There is significant controversy in the outpatient treatment of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). Many practices use an inflexible approach, require participation in behavioral and other adjuvant treatments, and are intolerant of substance use. Others use a more patient-centered and flexible harm reduction approach. Which approach has better evidence? How are behavioral and medical approaches best integrated? As we expand the treatment of opioid use disorder to primary care settings, behavioral health and primary care clinicians are frequently confronted with these patient care controversies.  In this lecture discussion, our team of family physicians will provide an overview of the addiction medicine literature that informs the care of patients suffering from OUD. Through the lens of several patient cases, we will describe our interprofessional harm reduction model of care for patients with OUD and illustrate the risks and benefits of our approach. We plan for ample audience participation. We will discuss current practices, compare those to the addiction literature, and develop evidence-based treatment recommendations for specific patient care scenarios.

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