Workshop 310      

Andre Lijoli, MD, Ana Tovar, PhD    

Narrative Medicine is an experiential discipline that draws on the Arts and Humanities and connects Health Caring Professionals to their original motivation to care.  When practiced deliberately and creatively, Narrative Medicine allows practitioners to discover new ways to remain engaged and preserve meaning in an ever-changing work environment.  It allows them to adapt and thrive as they conduct their work. The development of narrative competence aligns closely with progression along numerous milestones, particularly patient care, communication and professionalism.  Narrative competence results in an energized, highly skilled professional who reads closely the story before them in the exam room, and in their own mind. It prompts deeper thinking about what is going on with the patient and within themselves as they interact, creating the space for self-reflection critical to professional development.<br>This workshop will include a complete Narrative Medicine experience that will illustrate how to conduct a session and at the same time provide an opportunity for personal growth. Strategies for overcoming barriers and resistance to the adoption of a narrative curriculum in your own educational setting will be discussed and the effectiveness of a needs analysis will be presented. Finally, data from a qualitative study evaluating the impact of our curriculum on resident professional development and personal wellbeing will be shared.        

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