LD 313B

Greg Sazima, MD 

You can’t open a newspaper or browse a health website these days without seeing the latest glowing testimonial to the benefits of meditation training in stress reduction and adaptation. Yet only a small subset of physicians actually practice meditation, and fewer still incorporate awareness training into our tool kits in treating our patients. This 60-minute interactive presentation will provide a practical introduction to the basics of mindfulness and meditation practices.  It will include an overview of types of meditation, advance a conceptual framework for attending to the landscape of conscious experience, provide some basic routines and tactics for beginning a mediation practice, and (gently) advocate for physicians' own personal "dip" into mindfulness practices, both for our own wellbeing and as an optimal way to provide guidance to our patients in recommending and teaching basic meditation. The interactive aspect of presentation will involve engaging the audience directly in some very brief meditative routines.

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