Scholarly Project 314D  

Elizabette Johnson, DO, Elizabeth Roth, MD  

Resident physician burnout is a significant problem and is correlated with time spent using an EHR after work hours. Family physicians have the highest rate of burnout of all physician specialties, and the EHR is a significant contributor to this burnout.1 Studies have shown that education on EHR use can improve job satisfaction.2 Our goal is to improve wellness of our Family Medicine residents now and in the future by educating them on more efficient use of our EHR. We do this by weekly brief (15 minute) educational sessions covering 6 topics twice and a 1 hour individualized meeting of each resident physician with an EHR trainer. We evaluate our intervention with surveys and EHR metrics, like time spent charting, before and after. The project is nearing the end of data collection and we are hopeful that documentation gets more efficient while wellness improves.       

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