Scholarly Project 314E 

Alicia Ludden-Schlatter, MD, Nikole Cronk, PhD, Robin Kruse, PhD

Psycho-social skills training is fundamental to medical education. We successfully piloted a novel educational methodology known as Deliberate Practice (DP) to train medical students in motivational interviewing (MI) skills. DP uses immediate feedback and repetition until proficiency is achieved . Studies have demonstrated that DP is effective for improving procedural skills , but little research has investigated its use in training “soft skills” that involve interpersonal interactions. We implemented a DP-based MI curriculum. We assessed student and faculty perceptions of feasibility and effectiveness of using DP to train MI compared to traditional role play and simulation. DP was well-received by students and faculty alike. Student surveys revealed no significant differences between DP and traditional role play regarding usefulness in recognizing, practicing, or improving MI skills or comfort with MI. A statistically significant majority of faculty found DP to be more effective and preferable compared to traditional role play, and a non-significant majority found DP to be more feasible. Our study demonstrates that DP methodology is feasible, well-liked by students, and preferred by faculty educators for training MI to medical students.        

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