Poster 314F 

Hernan Barenboim, PhD, Heather Martens, PsyD    

Primary care has become the de facto setting in which patients are choosing to receive behavioral health services. Under the term “integrated care,” different models of behavioral service delivery have been developed in recent years. Most of these models include a behavioral health provider as a member of a collaborative team. Given the history of fragmented silos of care, there is a significant degree of complexity involved in integrated care implementations. One critical challenge for successful implementation is the training of medical providers. Such trainings, however, are scarce. To meet this need for our residents, we designed a teaching session called “How to Work with Behavioral Providers in Primary Care.” We will outline the content that residents received during the teaching session, present the pre- and post-test results of the teaching session, and describe our learning experience during the development of the project. The discussion will demonstrate the value of the behavioral scientist’s role in teaching residents how to work in integrated care settings.  

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