Poster 314G 

Beverlee Ciccone, PhD, Victoria Cox, MD  

Most primary care offices struggle to balance the competing needs of their patients, community, staff and providers.  Clinical and non-clinical office staff are often put in the positions of maintaining timely office flow, assisting busy and often late-running providers, and responding to patients’ concerns and complaints.  Increasingly stressful encounters often lead to increasing amounts of compassion fatigue, burnout, absenteeism and job rollover.  While provider and resident wellness and burnout prevention are often addressed, little is done to help ancillary staff deal with the stressful situations in which they are placed.  This poster will provide an opportunity for attendees to understand the stressors experienced by clinical and non-clinical staff along with their effects.  Discussion will include how this type of group activity for office staff can increase empathy among the staff and increase residents’ insight about the emotional impact of stress on both patients and their support team.        

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