Workshop 210  

Linda Myerholtz, PhD, Kathleen Young, PhD, MPH    

The ACGME has released revised milestones for family medicine which went into effect July 1st, 2020. While many of the subcompetency domains remain similar to the original subcompetencies, the language and content of the specific milestones have changed considerably. Residency faculty who are engaged in curriculum development and/or resident assessment will need to quickly familiarize themselves with the changes. The revised milestones exhibit more behavioral health integration into the subcompetency areas.  This integration emphasizes the incorporation of behavioral strategies and psychosocial factors in patient care plans, patient engagement in self-management of health, interprofessional teamwork, self-awareness, and reflective practice.  The intent of this workshop is to provide the opportunity for participants to familiarize themselves with the revised milestones by thinking critically about how they apply to a behavioral health curriculum. This process will be accomplished interactively using a two-step small group card sort. Initially, participants will be asked to sort milestones based on whether they fit within the scope of a behavioral health curriculum. After consensus is reached, participants will identify curriculum domains in which each milestone may fit. This second card sort will be done within the context of a modified version of a published behavioral health core curriculum model. Results of the card sort activities will be recorded and subsequently shared with participants to help inform their own curriculum. The product outcome of the workshop will be a guide linking the new ACGME milestones to behavioral health curriculum domains.        

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