Special Session 212

Kathryn Fraser, PhD, Terri Wall, PhD     

This is designated a Zoom-Fatigue-Busting Session.  We encourage participants to “unplug” from computers and tune in with a device that allows for walking, yoga or relaxing.  There will be no visuals.  You can submit questions and comments via the chat function and we will respond at the end.                                        
Behavioral faculty in Family Medicine have been stretched to their limits taking care of the emotional fallout of the recent medical and social upheaval in our country.  In addition to our normal duties, including resident wellness, we have been pushed to adapt our entire curricula to the virtual world.  The Coronavirus pandemic has added an extra level of fear and anxiety to so many in our nation.  Our patients’ anxieties are heightened and our learners are now practicing in an atmosphere where their own health feels threatened more than ever.  Layered on top of the pandemic is the social protesting which was triggered by an uncovering of the depth of racism in our country. Many of us are left with the task of attending to our personal distress and the distress of our patients, learners, and coworkers in this completely upended realm. This presentation will describe the journey of two behavioral faculty members who have strived to find order in the chaos.  They will share how they have been able to find peace and stability while honoring their feelings and fulfilling their duties.           

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