Workshop 305*  

Phillip Phelps, LCSW, Shari Holland, LPC, Jose Nino, LCPC, Rebekah Schiefer, LCSW    

* Please note that this is a two part session and you must also attend the Thursday 3:30 - 5:00 pm session        

With decreasing resources and time constraints, it is an increasing challenge for providers to generate and maintain an empathic provider/patient relationship that promotes continuity and health. The patient’s voice can be lost to patient satisfaction surveys and the “clicks” of the electronic health record.  Balint groups can help to understand and manage the frustration that can be a routine part of today’s medical environment for both providers and patients. They can be a powerful method to assist the synthesis of cognitive and affective processing that can lead to a more precise, empathic, and practical understanding of doctor-patient interactions. Balint groups train physicians to understand and use the doctor-patient relationship as a therapeutic tool. The Balint group uses an experiential method that greatly enhances relationship awareness and, by design, brings the patient’s voice into the room. Two 1 1/2 hour workshops are offered that are designed to provide an ongoing experience for those interested in learning about Balint training methods. Participants may include all levels of experience with Balint.  The first group serves as an introduction to the Balint method. The second group is offered for those participants who would like to learn about the Balint method in more depth.  Participants are strongly encouraged to attend both sessions. All participants should be in clinical contact with patients and willing to present a case.

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