Special Session 306

Thomas Bishop, PsyD, Julie Rickert, PsyD 

This is designated a Zoom-Fatigue-Busting Session.  We encourage participants to “unplug” from computers and tune in with a device that allows for walking, yoga or relaxing.  There will be no visuals.  You can submit questions and comments via the chat function and we will respond at the end.    
There is perhaps nothing more powerful as a tool for teaching than the “Story.”  Stories allow us to enter into an experience, walk around, and develop insight and gain wisdom.  It provides a means of moving from simple instruction to the transformation of a learner, who is encouraged to see their craft with a deeper vision.  The stories of many senior faculty, who are “wisdom carriers,” have not yet been shared with many of us coming behind.  In fact, several influential faculty have already retired with others planning to retire in the coming years.  The stories of these “Pioneers” give us an opportunity to hear where we have been and reflect upon the struggles, growth, and potential for the future.  

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