Poster 314H  

Heather Martens, PsyD, Beth Damitz, MD  

Wellness is the integration of physical, mental and social well-being. Recently, more attention has been made to this concept in the workplace especially in the healthcare setting. Many studies support that mental illness, suicide and burnout affect healthcare workers more than other professions. In addition, trainees tend to experience some of the highest rates of burnout. The well-being of the healthcare team also impacts delivery of patient care. As the future of medicine, it is imperative that residents understand the many facets of wellness. In addition, the ACGME has made wellness a priority by incorporating requirements for both residents and faculty to address burnout and improve physician wellness. Our project was intended to measure the level of burnout in our residency program and clinic, identify the stressors, and create workshops to address these stressors. We utilized a combination of the Maslach Burnout Inventory and the Beck Depression Inventory scales as our survey. Our survey was completed by participants at the start of our project and then repeated about every 3 months. The survey results were used to track the overall improvement in well-being and as a tool to direct future workshop topics. We will share our design, the themes of stressors in our workplace, the results of our surveys and discuss some of the activities we performed during our workshops.   

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