Poster 314J  

Stacy Melton, LCSW, William Dixon, MD,  Sarah Bockhold, LCSW

Approximately 2000 applications are received each year for the six resident positions available. Around 75-80 candidates are given formal interviews from the applications. Residency programs have consistently identified the resident candidate interview as the most important selection criteria. Most important including academic criteria (medial school grades, USMLE, Step scores, and letters of recommendation. The testing appears to be a predictor of passing in training service exams but does not correlate with the faculty evaluation and residents performance. Improving the resident candidate interview process is important to identify those residents that will most likely perform at a high level during their residency training and post residency. The traditional format used has been unstructured interviews. Structured interviews consist of predetermined questions and scoring protocols. SIU Medicine in Quincy created an Emotional Intelligence interview tool. It was based on a 5 point Likert scale. The interviewer was expected to ask the questions they were assigned that day. The questions were identified from the recruiting team. Faculty were educated about the new format and how to use the scoring tools during formal and informal training sessions. There appears to be significant benefits to residency training programs implementing a structured interview process and using questions to measure emotional intelligence.        

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