Lecture Discussion 404

Amy Romain, LMSW, ACSW, Amy Odom, DO 

The ACGME Common Program Requirements and the new Milestones for Family Medicine emphasize the importance of reflective practice in promoting personal and professional growth, fostering well being and finding meaning in medicine. However, developing a curriculum to stimulate  the growth and development of skills in reflective practice is challenging due to the wide range of personalities, abilities and personal preferences of learners. We believe the emphasis is less on mastering specific skills and more on helping learners identify practices that work for them and helping them learn how to incorporate those skills into their routines. To meet this goal, we have developed a longitudinal reflective practice curriculum that offers learners exposure to many experiences designed to promote growth of reflective skills. These range from prescribed reflective writing, experiences with different forms of art, book clubs, prompted brief discussions, exposure to meditation, guided imagery, and education on self-compassion, positive psychology, and life management skills. Attendees of this session will gain an understanding on how to structure, facilitate and evaluate this type of curriculum. Session attendees will obtain access to a collection of reflective practice exercises and experiences to adapt for use in their programs.      

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