CE Series Formative Evaluation 2020


  • CME: Continuing Medical Education
  • ACCME: Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education
  • MCW: Medical College of Wisconsin
  • CE: Continuing Education
  • EBM: Evidence-based Medicine
  • EHR: Electronic health records

MCW CE Mission Statement:  

To develop applied learning experiences and support continual education of the healthcare professional beyond graduation by presenting educational interventions that support individual, organizational and public health improvement.   Our goal is to assist the healthcare professional to achieve higher levels of competence, performance and thus improve patient outcomes by:

  • Utilizing certified education, consulting and applied research to the practice
  • Disseminate information regarding evidence-based data, research and advanced technology for practical application by the healthcare professional


Permission to provide CMEs by the ACCME requires MCW (via the Office of Continuing Professional Development) to:

  • Gather data or information 
  • Conduct program-based-analyses on how the CME mission of MCW is met through the conduct of CE activities
  • To meet these requirements, the attached 6 questions are to be completed by the activity director for each series where CME is achieved.  Please consider the overall series when answer the following questions, not each session individually.

Sample answers can be found here. 

1 Start 2 Complete
Describe, in 1-2 sentences, an overview of your series, including the participants and their professions.
What are the top 3 take-aways from your learners’ feedback (as provided in the feedback summary in Ethos or other feedback system like Redcap).
INDIVIDUAL PRACTICE IMPROVEMENT: Describe how the session(s) will improve an individual participant's practice (translation of knowledge, performance, or patient outcomes). Recall that ACCME does not consider increase in medical knowledge as sufficient, in and of itself, for accredited continuing education.
ORGANIZATIONAL PRACTICE IMPROVEMENT: Describe how your series will enable organizational improvement.
PUBLIC HEALTH IMPROVEMENT: Describe how the session will lead to improvement in public health.