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This activity met the stated objectives.
After attending sessions and workshops which describe effective teaching strategies and educational interventions, attendees will be able to plan, provide and/or evaluate effective educational interventions for behavioral science training in graduate medical education settings and for clinical practice for primary care settings.
By attending clinical practice updates and other sessions focused on common psychiatric and health problems seen in primary care, attendee will be able to apply up-to-date evidence-based research to support clinical interventions in their clinical settings.
By attending sessions and workshops which describes strategies for reducing burnout and improve wellbeing, attendees will be able to list strategies to impact the wellbeing of providers in their place of employment.
The program contributed to my skills, ability or knowledge:
Identify one change you intend to make as a result of attending the 2020 Forum.
How can The FORUM be improved?
The FORUM was free of commercial bias.
Identify one or two presentations that will directly impact how you teach behavioral science or practice.
Please briefly indicate how or why these presentation(s) will impact your work.
Ethics sessions were a valuable addition to The Forum.
Other Comments: