Our Mission

To develop applied learning experiences and support continual education of the healthcare professional beyond graduation by presenting educational interventions that support individual, organizational and public health improvement.

Our goal is to assist the healthcare professional to achieve higher levels of competence, performance and thus improve patient outcomes by:

  • Utilizing certified education, consulting and applied research to the practice of medicine

Disseminate information regarding evidence-based data, research and advanced technology for practical application by the healthcare professional

MCW Continuing Education (CE) Policies

ED.CE.010 Continuing Education in the Health Professions (PDF)

ED.CE.020 OCPE Mission Statement (PDF)

ED.CE.030 Accreditation Statements (PDF)

ED.CE.040 Credit Designation Statements (PDF)

ED.CE.050 Definition of Continuing Education Content and Content Validation (PDF)

ED.CE.060 Continuing Education Record Retention (PDF)

ED.CE.070 Faculty Oversight Committee for Continuing Education Monitoring (PDF)

ED.CE.080 Organizational Changes (PDF)

ED.CE.100 Standards for Industry Supported Continuing Education (PDF)

ED.CE.110 CE Grant Reconciliation (PDF)

ED.CE.120 Exhibit & Promotional Activity Associated with Continuing Education (PDF)

ED.CE.130 Raffles & Book Signings at CE Accredited Activities (PDF)

ED.CE.140 Social Events at CE Accredited Activities (PDF)

ED.CE.150 Continuing Education Honorarium (PDF)

ED.CE.160 Continuing Education Firewall (PDF)

ED.CE.200 Continuing Education Joint Providership (PDF)

ED.CE.220 Continuing Education Co-Providership (PDF)

ED.CE.230 Internet Enduring Materials (PDF)

ED.CE.240 Performance Improvement CME (PI CME) (PDF)

ED.CE.250 Point of Care CME (PoC CME) (PDF)

ED.CE.260 Enduring Material (PDF)

ED.CE.270 Learning from Teaching (PDF)

ED.CE.300 Continuing Education Activity Promotion (PDF)

ED.CE.320 Continuing Education Cancellation, Non-attendance and Refunds (PDF)

ED.CE.330 Participant Privacy (PDF)

ED.CE.340 Continuing Education Activity Accessibility (PDF)

ED.CE.360 CE Program Evaluation (PDF)

ED.CE.400 Continuing Education Activity Director, Activity Planner(s) and Faculty (PDF)

ED.CE.410 Verification of Educational Need (PDF)

ED.CE.430 Plagiarism in Continuing Education (PDF)

ED.CE.440 APA Grievance Procedure (PDF)