The program learning objectives were met:
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Attendees will learn and practice providing “on the spot” teaching that can be incorporated in a busy clinic day.
Attendees will apply tools for constructive feedback during small group break-outs.
Recognize implicit bias and work on self-improvement to decrease barriers and unconscious exclusions to foster an integrated work and learning environment.
Create an outline for a scholarly project, including collaborators and potential mentors.
List the different educational programs within the department as well as affiliates.
Better understanding of the influence of structural racism on health care disparities in the Native American Community in Wisconsin.
The instructor's level of expertise regarding content presented was:
Please rate the following learning measures.
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This activity addressed the issues I face in my practice
This activity increased my knowledge, skills, or abilities related to my profession
This activity will improve my ability to provide excellent patient care
The quality of the discussion was engaging
Accuracy and utility of content were discussed
Content was appropriate for postdoctoral level training
How useful was the content of this CE program for your practice or other professional development?