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“Diagnosis and Management of 'Mild' Primary Hyperparathyroidism” Joseph L. Shaker, MD
“Genetic Evaluation for Primary Hyperparathyroidism” Amy E. Donahue, MLIS, MGCS, CGC
“Outcomes after parathyroidectomy for pHPT” Tina Yen, MD
“Surgical approaches for pHPT” Patrick Hangge, MD
“Initial Evaluation of Thyroid Nodules & Molecular Testing” Gilbert Fareau, MD
“Thyroid Disease in the Pediatric Population” Samuel Engle, MD
“Update on WHO Terminology (Pathology)” Tamara Giorgadze, MD
“Management of Benign Thyroid Tumors, Including Surgery and Radiofrequency Ablation” Sophie Dream, MD
“Management of low-risk DTC” Linwah Yip, MD
“Management of locoregional advanced cancers” Douglas B. Evans, MD
“Use of Autofluorescence in Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery” Carmen Solorzano, MD, PhD
“Management of the Voice During Cervical Surgery” Joel Blumin, MD
“Precision Approach to Differentiated Thyroid Cancer” Aditya Shreenivas, MD, MS
“Evaluation of Adrenal Nodules” Ty Carroll, MD
“Evaluation of the HPA-Axis” James W. Findling, MD
“Long-Term Outcomes of Mild Adrenal Cortisol Excess” Catherine Zhang, MD
“Management of ACTH - Independent Hypercortisolism (Primary and Recurrence)” Adriana Ioachimescu, MD, PhD
“Inferior Petrosal Sinus Sampling” Marc A. Lazzaro, MD
“Pituitary Surgery” Nathan Zwagerman, MD
“Surgical Approaches to Adrenalectomy” Tracy S. Wang, MD, MPH
With respect to the following: The sessions met my expectations:
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Session I: Parathyroid Panel Case Discussions
Session II: Thyroid Panel Case Discussions
Session III: Adrenal and Pituitary Neuroendocrine Tumor Panel Case Discussions
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