Session 5: Biomedical Informatics

Faculty Bio:

Michael Zimmerman, PhD, serves as the Associate Director of Bioinformatics at the MCW Genomic Sciences and Precision Medicine Center (GSPMC) and oversees development and operations supporting research and clinical bioinformatics processes. Working in team science collaborations, his lab develops methods for interpreting the mechanistic effects of human genomic variation starting from atomic structures and scaling up to systems-level patterns and their epigenetic and network regulation. He is an Assistant Professor in the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute and the Department of Biochemistry. He is also vice-chair of the faculty advisory committee for MCW’s high-performance computing cluster and serves additional roles for data management. Dr. Zimmermann is focused on improving methods for interpreting human genetic variation so that all patients can have more benefit from knowledge of their own genetic data.

  • This course will provide an introduction to biomedical informatics, genomic assay technologies and the use of data science in healthcare.  


  1. DNA sequencing at 40: past, present and future <link

  1. Epigenetics and Metabolism in Health and Disease <link

  1. ACGS Best Practice Guidelines for Variant Classification in Rare Disease <link

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  1. Define types of biomedical informatics approaches in health care 

  1. Describe the clinical utility of major types of genomic assay technologies 


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