Session 6: Clinical Informatics

Faculty Bio:

Jake Luo, PhD, is Associate Professor of Health Care Informatics Graduate Program Director, the in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Health Informatics & Administration Department. He earned his PhD at Queen’s University in the UK and was a post-doc scientist in biomedical informatics at Columbia University in NY. Jake Luo’s research interest lies in data-driven predictive analysis using machine learning-based algorithms and technologies, such as data mining, natural language processing and knowledge representation and modelling. He is interested in investigating how these computing technologies can be used to improve health care by providing intelligent decision support for clinicians, medical researchers, patients, and policymakers.

Luo’s active research programs involve developing innovative heath data science technologies for knowledge discovery, adapting machine learning algorithms to enhance clinical data processing, implementing collaborative team science initiatives to improve health services and research, and creating intelligent clinical informatics tools to support evidence-based decision making.

  • This course will provide an overview of clinical informatics and how it's used in healthcare to improve patient-care.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce clinical informatics
  • Cover major biomedical data types and common standards
  • Discuss common functions of electronic health record (EHR) systems
  • Describe clinical decision support systems


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