Anesthesiology CPD

The Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Anesthesiology invites an interprofessional healthcare audience to engage in our continuing professional development offerings. Our goal is to assist the healthcare professional achieve higher levels of competency and performance, by developing applied learning experiences that support individual, organizational, and patient outcomes through disseminating information regarding evidence-based data, research, and advanced technology for practical application by the healthcare professional.

MOCA Simulation Course

MOCA® Simulation Course

The Medical College of Wisconsin Anesthesia Simulation Program is offering simulation courses to fulfill the training requirement for Part IV (Practice Performance Assessment & Improvement) of Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology Program (MOCA®). The course is endorsed by the American Society of Anesthesiologists® to provide MOCA® simulation training at the STAR Center.

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Education Program Coordinator II
Department of Anesthesiology
Medical College of Wisconsin
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Quality Update Newsletter

Coming up in the next issue:
How to report an adverse event
Process for replenishing the code bag. Cleaning, etc.
Reversal for neuromuscular blockade. – a primer
  • TOF with doses
  • Criteria for suggammadex use
  • Reversal with Neostigmine by age
Diabetes Management 
  • Timing of discontinuation of newer generation agents 
  • Roles of A1C 
  • Management of Insulin pumps 
Management of Anticoagulated patients for hip fracture, outcomes, and data analysis
Special Thanks to Dr. Chris Roberts for his guest contribution of an article on “Perfusion Injury”